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RSS Reading Series in Android : One

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Dear Friends

Now we have become an android programmer who can play with android tech. You know Various news sites eg NDTV, ZEE NEWS , AAJ TAK release their RSS feeds.

We access these RSS Feeds , parse them and show their content in our mobile application. News sites or many of other sites release their RSS feeds free of cost and don’t even charge when we integrate RSS feed to android/IOS mobile application. So now the question is why even site owners bother to release RSS feed. ??


Because accessing content via RSS Feeds increases web traffic count of site. Which in turns increase the probability of the site to appear in organic search result and this thing directly increases the probability of getting new business.

Anyways if we go deeper into that we might miss our blog path.

Please have a look at below code for android application

There a few code snippets in the above code I would like to describe about.

So handlers are the object provided by android OS which help in transferring message Objects from one thread to another. Most of the time from Asynctask to UIthread.

For more information regarding handler please study my another blog post

Also you can visit link

Now back to our RSS Activity

In this code we are calling RSSHandleXml Parser passing its some parameters. and then getting results wrapped in a Object.

and thats how we will able to get RSS feed content in our android application. There is more to it but we will discuss that in Part Two. [ To be released soon ].

Code for the project is at Github link.







Disclaimer: The aforesaid writeup by Relsell Global writer is for the general understanding of the readers. It does not render any professional advice or opinion.