Playing with Service Component in Android

Dear Fellow Developers   Types of services     Service is one of the only four components in Android. Since its a component in android and you want it to work , please declare it in Android manifest.xml .  

  Look at the above declaration in Android Manifest xml . Besides android:name there […]

Safely Picking image from gallery

Dear Developers   Please have a look at below java file that is required to pick image from gallery. This code is tested till Android Marshmallow. In Android 7.0 or above device there might be some changes. Why it is required ? Since we want to allow user to choose his images in our application. […]

Expanding feature set of your Android App using Firebase

Dear Friends With this post we are going to start our new series of blog post for Integrating Firebase with our android App. But the basic question remains the same. Why ?   There are many reasons, few of them I have listed below [ Remember below is not exhaustive list ]  We want to […]

Adding a Progress while making a GET Request

Dear Friends As we have already made   Http Get Request Example Link We will expand it and try to show a circular progress bar while making network request. So to start with we will add a progress bar in xml layout.

we will  play with the visibility attribute of progress bar element at right place […]

Using Layer Lists In android To create a stunning UI.

Dear Developer There are various Shape Drawables in Android. Shape Drawable Layer List Selector   For Shape Drawable we have a blog post : Link   For Selector Drawable we have a blog post : Link   For Layer Lists we are going to develop in this blog. Expected output :

  Now use […]

Picking Image from Gallery ( Gallery Intent Way)

Dear Friends Create and android project ( follow tutorial Link Add a button in Layout XML File and write text on button it as Use Gallery like below

  Now open a gallery using intent

  And in onActivityResult you get the result back when you have picked image from gallery.  

  So […]

Giving Visual Feedback to User and Increase App Engagement

Dear Fellow Developers Increasing app engagement is the goal that is in the mind of Every app developer. Why ? because this gives an opportunity to app developer to monetise app.   In my another article Link I demonstrated a way where shape drawables can be used to enhance UI of application and at the […]