Starting with Git Repository Addition in Android Studio

Dear Developers Charismatic Applications be it software , mobile , technical, mechanical etc are result of a collaborative team work. Humans by basic nature are gregarious and like to live , work in a community. So how this nature won’t be applied to us Software engineers.   let me share my experience with you, when […]

Using Tab Strip in Android For Material Design

Target As in Life so in Android Programming , once it is clear to us what is our target , its easier to achieve it. Next would be creation of Java Class as SlidingTabLayout courtsey :

Just one more class is needed for customising colors of tabs


oh Sorry usage […]

Showing calendar months in a Year in Android

Hi Few days earlier I encountered with a software problem for android in which I have to show a calendar months in a year (eg 2016) refer below image. Initial Solution Layout xml file <LinearLayout     android:id=”@+id/bgtoplevel”     xmlns:android=””     android:layout_width=”match_parent”     android:layout_height=”match_parent”     android:background=”#ac060606″     android:padding=”2dp”     […]

Custom Linear Layout in Android

Hello Sometimes it becomes necessary to create a Custom Component and use that for creating UX of android application. Neccesity Real culprit is findViewById() call that is very heavy call and sometimes when you start profiling your android application using HierarchyViewer you come to know you layout is taking much time to render on screen. […]