Efficiently putting image Filters in Android

Dear Readers Few months back we were planning to put image filters to one of our demo image filters app for android. So we started doing some initial research and we came to know about one of the best available library for processing imagefilters. Link Its an open source lib which helped us to achieve out […]

Reading Files in Android (From Application Resources)

Dear readers Android provides different types of storage for application data. Broadly they can be categorised as File Storage DB Storage Network Storage File Storage can then be further classified as Internal And External. Moreover few files can be bundled and compiled with application itself. [ but definitely doing this will increase size of resultant […]

Intent Service in Android : Power with Simplicity

Dear Developers In our earlier articles regarding Service android components we saw usage of Service in android. To recall what we studied , I would say services are component of android that run in background  does the work. But we came to know about a fact that even if service component runs in background but operations done […]

Using Place Picker in Android Part 2

Dear friends In continuation to my last tutorial I am here trying to interact with Place picker in Android. For this to work you need to integrate Google Play services in your application. Lets see what you need to modify in your build.gradle file dependencies { …. compile ‘com.google.android.gms:play-services:7.3.0’ …. } And then you need […]